【Solved】Didn't add to Duolingo Plus Family Members (Inviting members to a Family Plan)


If you are reading this page in English,
My english skill is not so well 🙂 but i wish your problem would be solved !

Inviting members to a Family Plan,but if it didnt work,
Please compare my situation to yours.

In my situation,
Me : duolingo family plan (master member)
Mom : send text through duolingo app and DID WORK! yeah!
Husband : already duoling member(for free), sent text through duolingo app and DIDNT WORK...umm

How I could solve the problrem is here,

just send e-mail to duolingo staff via app!


including your...

YOUR ACCOUNT (user name and your e-mail address)

THE ACCOUNT(S) TO ADD (user name and the e-mail address(es))

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Good luck!

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